Month: January 2021

EU project set to give ‘Wings’ to vulnerable women.

Dutch Social Enterprise, Netwerkpro has announced that it has officially partnered up with organisations SYNTHESIS (Cyprus), Glocal Factory (Italy), HIGGS (Greece), GEI (Spain) and Skills Zone (Malta), to develop an innovative and interactive education program which is set to empower migrant women in Europe.

The WINGS (Social and Economic Empowerment of Migrant Women) Project, is determined to tackle the prominent issue of migrant women being amongst the most vulnerable social groups in society today.

The highlight of the project will be the WINGS Local Action Programme – a highly supportive, 50-hour blended learning program of both online and face to face mentoring. The key factor that will set it apart from the rest is its aim to improve the supply of high quality learning opportunities by specifically targeting and tailoring the program to migrant women’s needs.

Essential subjects which will be covered but not limited to, are familiarization with cultural aspect of everyday life, fiscal responsibility and financial planning, introduction to basic administrative processes, i.e the health system, social insurance & contributions, legal framework, enrolling children to school, learning how to job hunt; as well as fundamentals such as CV writing and job interviewing.

Dutch Project Manager, Hester Wolrich said all project partners feel strongly that carefully designed programmes are essential to help those in our communities that are most vulnerable.

“We have to start looking at the big picture in a more sustainable light. Social and economic integration is vital to the empowerment of migrant women. We believe through quality learning opportunities from quality educators, with innovative tools, migrant women’s empowerment and development of transversal skills and competences will not only support their socio educational and personal development, but also have the potential to influence policy solutions that are centred around immigrants”.

The project is set to run for 2 years and target at least 1300 stakeholder across Europe, which will include migrant women, adult educators and organisations. The EU spends approximately 100 euro per citizen per year on regional funds, creating jobs, improving infrastructure and organising training.

Netwerkpro are a social enterprise that focuses on improving the professional position of women. With the NetworkProof approach, we activate job-seeking women and connect them to opportunities on the local labor market. Building and maintaining a business network is an indispensable part of this.