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Genevieve Abela

Genevieve Abela

Area of expertise: Education, Tourism, International Education, Business Solutions, Marketing, Events, and Operational Management

Genevieve’s Expertise is in Education Tourism, Business Solutions, Marketing, Events, and Operational Management, for Tourism and Education focused organisations. In 2012, she joined FELTOM (Federation of English Language Organisations in Malta) as the Federation’s first Chief Executive Officer, where she was responsible for ensuring that FELTOM built solid relationships with government authorities and industry stakeholders and was responsible for championing Malta as a centre of excellence in English Language Teaching, and has recently joined FATTA (Federated Association of Travel and Tourism Agents) as their first CEO with the intention of strengthening the associations legacy as a professional and independent tourism association. Genevieve now works as a consultant, brand manager, and destination manager, and also delivers training on team building and deliver motivational talks. Her experience and knowledge lend itself to the myriad of skills required in high pressured, fast paced environments that focus on network building and quality branding.

Galeann Barbara

Galeann Barbara

Area of Expertise: Erasmus+ projects, Entrepreneurship, Operations, Management.

Galeann is an entrepreneur at heart with a successful start-up under herbelt. Starting from ground up, she grew a brand from inception into a1.4million Euro revenue / year company within just 6 years and handledrecruitment, operations and marketing to achieve this. A leader byexample, who sets ambitious goals and strives to reach them whilstempowering and coaching the team.Galeann is an EU Funding expert, and also has hands on experience intapping and managing funding having secured and managed Euro 4.8million in funding under various funding streams. This includesinternational strategic partnerships.She has overall 14 years’ experience working in the educational sector, 10years of which being Managerial experience and business development


Galeann Barbara contact details

Linkedin: /in/Galeann-barbara

Email: galeann.barbara@gmail.com

Marisabelle Bonnici

Marisabelle Bonnici

Areas of expertise: Nutrition, Eating disorders, Poly Cystic Ovary Syndrome, Pharmacy, breathwork and Neurolinguistic programming.

Marisabelle is a pharmacist by profession and spent 6 years managing her own pharmacy. She was always very fond of personal development and her entrepreneurial spirit led her to further her studies and specialize in eating disorders, nutrition, hormone health, intuitive eating as well as neurolinguistic programming (NLP). She is currently training to become a certified breathwork facilitator, an excellent tool to help both one’s mental and physical wellbeing. Her passion about physical and mental wellbeing comes attached with 3 years’ experience as a health and body coach and 9 years’ experience as a business owner.

Mario Cassar

Mario Cassar

Area of Expertise:Executive and Team Coaching, Career Coaching, Training, Leadership Development, Business and General Management Consulting

Mario is an executive and team coach with over twenty years’ experience working in top management structures having occupied a number of C-Level leadership positions and directorships in travel and tourism, financial services, franchise operations, property development; gaming and IT as well as the educational sector (TEFL).
He is the founder/owner of konsultadvisory Limited, and for the past six years has focused on supporting leadership development through executive and team coaching. He is among one of the first coaches globally to hold the Individual Team Coach Accreditation (Foundation) by EMCC Global and is also Belbin Team Roles Accredited with extensive coaching and mentoring experience. He has also created leadership development programmes and training courses for clients and has over 700 hours of training delivery, focusing primarily on leadership development and interpersonal skills. He also produces and moderates webinars on behalf of clients and supports organisations in a consultative position and/or by providing temporary general management services.

Linkedin Profile: www.linkedin.com/in/mario-cassar

Mobile: +356 99470099

Email: m.cassar@konsultadvisory.com

Martina Farruggia

Martina Farruggia

Martina has a dual Master Degree in Women’s & Gender Studies from the University of Hull,
UK & Universita’ di Bologna, Italy. She currently works as a researcher in the field of gender
and violence, however, her expertise expand to other various issues such as body politics,
masculinities, and intersectionality, also being invited to lecture at the University of Malta
and speak at events on these subjects.

Martina also volunteers her time to NGO work. Since October 2017, she has been sitting on
the Executive Committee of A4E- Association for Equality as the Marketing & Social Media
Officer. The main focus as an association is to work on gender issues in their entirety, special
focus has been on work related to prostitution and sex trafficking. In light of her
involvement with A4E, Martina represents the NGO at the Malta Women’s Lobby (MWL) as
a member. In 2021, she was also elected as Alternate Board Member for Malta on a
European level, at the European Women’s Lobby (EWL). Martina also forms part of SOFIA,
the youth wing of MWL, working on the issue of prostitution in Malta along with various
issues related to gender equality, specifically the dismantling of gender stereotypes in
society targeting young people.

Since 2016, Martina has been a member of the Commonwealth Youth, Gender and Equality
Network (CYGEN) under the Royal Commonwealth Society (RCS) whose role focuses on
working with youth across the Commonwealth to advance gender equality. She was elected
to the Executive Committee in 2019 to lead Gender & Governance. During her time on the
Ex-Co, she formed part of the group who brainstormed and formulated the youth-led
campaign which was launched in January 2020 called #Reform53 – Together for Legal
Equality across the Commonwealth. In June 2020, she was selected to be part of the
Commonwealth Youth Task Force under the first Commonwealth Youth Ambassador for
Malta for the National Youth Council. The group produced a declaration for European
youths in the Commonwealth looking at the challenges affecting youths and how these
should be addressed. Under the opportunities provided by the National Youth Council,
Martina participated during the 2018 National Youth Parliament where she co-led the party
working on the Reform of the Prostitution Law in Malta, successfully arguing that
prostitution is violence against women and that violence should never be legalised.

Martina is a passionate activist working on women’s rights and the advancement of gender
equality in Malta.

Email: martinafarrugia13@hotmail.com
Linkedin: www.linkedin.com/in/martina-farrugia-969bb682/

Dame Jane Chircop

Dame Jane Chircop

Dame Jane Chircop is the founder of Sapphire Real Estate Group of Companies, registered in the Republic of Malta. Making a name for itself as a credible & reliable company with innovative ideas. Jane’s was a women ambassador for female entrepreneurship from 2010 to 2012.

Jane, a woman of determination by nature, was encouraged to branch out on her own by a large number of her clients who felt more at home with her unique methods of doing business. Because she generates an atmosphere of trustworthiness, they felt more secure making their investments directly with her. Armed with ten years of managerial experience in the property business, this was just the trigger that Jane needed to finally take the plunge. And Sapphire was born! The name Sapphire was conceived by Jane herself. The gem actually represents her own birthstone, for her it also meant that it would be a good start to a new life-cycle in the business. Sapphire Real Estate Group of Companies is actively involved in preserving our rich local heritage and architecture as her corporate social responsibility which she owes, is to the ancestors, & the future generation. In 2017 Jane was knighted as dame of honour by the order of St. John of Jerusalem Knights Hospitallers. In March 2020 Jane was awarded by the Woman Economic Forum exceptional woman of excellence.

Corinne Cilia

Corinne Cilia

Area of Expertise: Mindfulness, Psychotherapy, Emotional Intelligence, Leadership skills

Corinne graduated in Pharmacy in 1992 and then furthered her studies in Education obtaining her Post Graduate Certificate in Education to teach Science and Biology in 1998. In 2008, she obtained her first Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership from the University of Malta focusing her research on the Role of Emotional Intelligence in School Leadership, holding the concept of Emotional Intelligence very close to heart. In 2018, Corinne obtained her second Master’s Degree in Gestalt Psychotherapy from the Gestalt Psychotherapy Training Institute in Malta. She also recently became accredited as a Mindfulness Trainer for Adults and Children by the International EFT & Mindfulness Training Centre.

Whilst her work experience as a Head of School reinforces her diverse management and leadership skills, her role as a psychotherapist plays a huge part in her life as she feels that she can be of great support to people around her. Her areas of specialisation include bereavement, dealing with health scares, stress and anxiety, avoiding overthinking, burnout, building self-confidence and developing one’s emotional intelligence to lead a much better life on a personal level, at the workplace and in relationships. Corinne believes that understanding, accepting and nurturing oneself underpins one’s ability to lead a more content life in this competitive and demanding world.

Corinne has prepared and led various professional development programs for various institutions in Malta using her favourite theme of developing one’s Emotional Intelligence in preventing burnout at work, improving collaboration with others as well as fuelling motivation, teamwork and performance. Corinne also has a particular interest in neuroscience and holistically uses her professional knowledge as a Pharmacist, Head of School and Gestalt Psychotherapist to fully understand her clients and support them in leading more fruitful and positive lives. Her regular 6-week mindfulness courses as well as her mindful approach to Gestalt Psychotherapy during therapy sessions with her clients enables them to find more balance, happiness, self-worth, peace of mind and harmony in their lives in general. Corinne is also an avid reader, believes in lifelong learning and loves to travel, especially to faraway places where one can trek for hours, appreciating nature through the senses.

Bookings can be requested for individual, couple and/or group psychotherapy sessions, 6-week EFT mindfulness courses or work-related professional development sessions.

Contact details Email: ciliacorinne@gmail.com

Linkedin: linkedin.com/in/corinne-cilia-34820315

Phone: (00356) 99840854

Desiree Cordina

Desiree Cordina

Areas of Expertise: Human Factors in Business: Work Psychology, Executive Coaching, NLP, Human Resources.

Desiree Cordina is a Group Head of Human Resources of an International Fintech company. She is also an experienced lecturer for Masters and Bachelor Degrees and Post-Grad Diplomas where she places a strong emphasis on the link between theory and practice in the workplace. She is also a qualified Coach and has various experience in this field with clients including major international companies. She is a certified Corporate Trainer with many years’ experience designing and delivering various development courses in companies. She also has experience in EU projects having written and coordinated projects in the past and conducted research with project partners.

She is a qualified CIPD Associate, has a Masters in Management, a Diploma in Coaching and Mentoring, a Degree in Social Policy, a Post-Grad in Vocational Education and Training, a Diploma in Work Psychology, a Diploma in Marketing and is an NLP Master Practitioner. To complement the people aspect, she studied Hypnotherapy and the Law of Attraction – both fields that help her understand those around her more and incorporates them in all her work.

Having worked with various people of all levels in many industries in the capacity of an executive, trainer, lecturer and coach, she focuses on the people element and how this pushes forward the goals of an organisation.


Sharon Cusens

Sharon Cusens

Area of Expertise: Psychology & Change Management – coaching soft skills in personal empowerment and transformation, to elevate one’s personal & professional development. Motivation, Emotional Intelligence & Mental Wealth.

Sharon is a Psychology graduate & Change Management consultant. Her work experience involved HR, coaching and strategic planning in an Orthopaedic clinic in Frankfurt, Germany for 16 years. Following a life-changing event, she directed a film illustrating how to overcome and grow out of life-challenging situations and today works as a life coach at the Academy for Inner Excellence where she coaches participants in how to transform their lives, empower themselves and become the change themselves. She is the founder of Spring Productions International Ltd, a film director and creator of Spring Film Therapy – a 90-minute Spring coaching documentary (which was co-funded by the EU) in new and improved approaches to mental health & emotional well-being. She co-created the book series A Universal Language with children who, through this project, learnt how to overcome  trauma.  During Covid 19, she ran various courses empowering the workforce in the tourism industry in Malta. Sharon features on TV, radio shows and is a motivational speaker at various events in how to move towards becoming mentally wealthy, and to bring positive change into one’s life.






Trailer to Love Will Find a Way – a film directed by Sharon Cusens: https://youtu.be/W-JjbNqNITc

Steve Farrugia

Steve Farrugia

Area of expertise:  Life-Skills Training; Self-Empowerment; Hypnotherapy; Mind- and Soft-Skills Training; Performance-Anxiety management; Assertive behaviour and Leadership.

Steve’s Personal Development training started early and progressed to the study of NLP by 2012, reaching Master Practitioner level, and later proceeding to Hypnotherapy under the tutelage of the British Academy of Hypnosis.  This was followed by formal Trainer training in 2014. Steve started his Life Coaching profession in 2013, which evolved into a specialization toward ‘personal empowerment.’  He then commenced the highly-reviewed Essential Life-Skills courses followed by the Art of Manifesting (LOA) workshops by 2018.  Since then, he has been commissioned by various independent training organizations to deliver their programmes as well as his own courses under their brand.  Steve is regularly featured on radio and TV shows as resident Life Coach, where he is acclaimed for his practical strategies and simple explanations.


Steve Farrugia contact details


Mobile: (+356) 7939 0177 | 999 8765 2

Email: steve@lifecoachingmalta.com





Mariella Galea

Mariella Galea

Areas of Expertise: HR management and development, leadership development, corporate training programmes, performance management, employee engagement, succession planning, education, female leadership and entrepreneurship, soft skills training.

Mariella Galea is an HR Professional who partners with leaders and managers to bring out the best in people through HR management and development projects. After contributing to the Education sector for over 20 years as a teacher, trainer, and manager she moved into the corporate sector.
Mariella has led and handled projects related to excellence in HR, leadership development, training programmes, employee engagement, succession planning, performance management, female leadership and entrepreneurship, diversity, and equality.
Mariella is also the founder of HR TalentLEAD, a venture that offers HR consultancy, training, and L&D projects in partnership with business leaders to achieve results through people.
In addition to her extensive experience, Mariella is qualified in Education and HR, holding a MSc in HRM & D from University of Leicester with distinction and awarded the Ashton Prize award for overall best achievement.
Mariella values people, development through learning, creativity and innovation, excellence in service and above all, leadership with integrity.

Email: mariellagalea@hrtalentlead.com

Catherine Galea

Catherine Galea

Areas of Expertise: Self-Awareness, Mindfulness, Self-Empowerment, Self-Love, Emotional Freedom Technique, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Reiki, Healing and Transformation, Finding Purpose, Awakening the Feminine, Emotional and Mental Health, Stress Management, Finding Balance, Spirituality

Catherine is an Empowerment Coach, Mindfulness Teacher, and Energy Healer. After nearly 20 years in a successful insurance career, Catherine decided to follow her heart and soul.  She is now supporting others on their journey of healing and transformation from the inside out just like she did. Catherine has been helping adults and children to live a positive, happy and fulfilled life for 7 years. She does this through her work on a 1-1 basis, group trainings, circles, retreats and speaking events on stage, TV and radio.  She is also the Founder of ‘Unlock Your Purpose’. Unlock Your Purpose is a programme, that teaches participants 5 strategies that will transform their life so they can start doing the work they are meant to do. It is a combination of self-awareness coaching, self-reflection exercises, creativity, mindset and belief work, and meditation that leads to life fulfilment, success and happiness. “I help people who are feeling overwhelmed, lost, stressed out, burnt out, confused to access their own power, to become free from what is holding them back and bring balance in their life. I help them to connect to the inner self, the world of our emotions, thoughts, memories, feelings and desires. The inner self is the place where we have all the answers, we hold our deepest desires and passions, and can guide us to live a life of purpose, empowerment, happiness and fulfilment.”


Website: www.unlockyourpurposenow.com

Facebook: Catherine Galea – Unlock Your Purpose

Linkedin: /in/catherinegalea

Email: info@catherinegalea.com catherine@unlockyourpurposenow.com

Phone: +356 9944 3114, +357 9982 2425

Ildiko Kudlik

Ildiko Kudlik

Area of Expertise: Visual and Digital Art, Creativity Education

Ildiko is a professional artist and educator. She is a modern-day vagabond who has lived in different parts of the world which contributed to her having gained extensive international and cross-cultural experience across a number of disciplines.

Ildiko’s area of expertise is Creativity Education. She believes that creativity is the basic ingredient of resilience and adaptability, two qualities that no one can afford to live without. She advocates that a creative disposition and divergent thinking enable us to find sometimes unexpected results.

She has developed and delivered numerous training programs for both children and adult learners in different countries. Though she mostly works as an independent art and creativity educator, she is also a trained coach and mentor who has often taken on additional pastoral care and guidance roles.

Being a passionate educator, she often runs workshops for educators and school managers. Her area of special interest is the supportive and vital role of creativity and expressive arts in the teaching-learning process.

She develops and tailors her educational materials to need.


Digital Storytelling, a Tool of Connecting.

As a artist/writer herself, she teaches the fundamental importance of story telling which is telling our own stories and talk about issues that we are passionate about.


What is the workshop about?

  • Foremost, DST workshop supports participants to tell a story that is truly meaningful to them, and they are passionate about.
  • It gives tips on how to use technology with ease even for non-technical persons.
  • It shows different approaches to digital storytelling for all age groups.
  • It showcases innovative projects and provides examples of how to use Digital Storytelling in various sectors.

Some of the some of the benefits of DST are:

  • Digital stories provide us with the opportunity to digest information in a meaningful way. Digital stories allow viewers to genuinely engage in the story’s message.
  • Digital stories can teach us the value of emotional rhetoric, allowing us to explore new ways of acting or thinking differently. These stories can elicit emotional responses and encourage us to pursue topics that we are passionate about.
  • We benefit not only from receiving information through digital stories but also from making digital stories that feature our experiences and learnings. The many aspects of creating a digital story improve our technical skills and hone research and writing skills as well.

WEBSITE: https://site.ildikokudlik.com/digital-story-telling-workshop/

email: info@ildikokudlik.com

Anamaria Magri Pantea

Anamaria Magri Pantea

Area of Expertise: Economy, Entrepreneurship business development, innovation, access to finance and investment readiness support.

Anamaria has been working with the European Commission as staff member of the European Institute of Innovation and Technology, as Malta National Contact Point and Management Committee representative for the EU’s Competitiveness and Innovation Programme for SMEs, as well as an independent expert, evaluator and reviewer in a number of EU-level, inter-governmental and national programmes supporting innovation, entrepreneurship and SMEs, particularly with a focus on advancing towards a digital, low-carbon and circular economy. She also provides business advisory and management consulting services on RTDI results exploitation, innovation strategy, digitalisation, business development, internationalization and access to finance to various organisations across Europe. She does this both on an independent basis, and as selected expert service provider in the context of a number of EU-level and Malta specific business support initiatives. She is also an experienced trainer and facilitator of workshops and action learning processes, having delivered a number of short courses, university study units, public, project based and internal corporate workshops. She is also very active in diversity and inclusion support initiatives, including through her work as Malta Node coordinator of the Women Web-entrepreneurs Hubs (WeHubs) European Network, member of Silicon Valletta, eSkills Malta Foundation Women in ICT Focus Group, 100 Women in Finance and Business & Professional Women (BPW) Malta, as well as of the Consultative Council on Women’s Rights to Maltese Ministry responsible for inclusion and equality.

Email: anamaria@ascendconsulting.eu

Mobile:  +356 99975380

Nazlee Mayhew

Nazlee Mayhew

Area of Expertise: Performance Management, Diversity and Inclusion, Goal Setting – coaching soft skills in emotional intelligence and communication skills to enhance personal and professional growth. Self awareness, Self-limiting beliefs, Unconscious biases, fear of failure/success. 

Her professional experience spans thirty years in Business support and systems as an Office Manager and Executive Assistant. By reframing her own self-limiting beliefs, she was able to overcome Imposter Syndrome and increased her confidence. She also learnt how to manage her emotions, time, money and relationships more effectively.    

Today she coaches women who are in mid level leadership roles as a Mindset and Inclusion Coach. They’re able to make decisions a lot quicker, get out of their head and stop overthinking and actively listen to others so that they can build engaged and motivated teams.   

She is the Founder and Director of FEMINACT (Females in Action), is a Motivational Speaker and a Business Mentor. Her vision is to close the gender gap and enable women from marginalised groups to have the same opportunities as others. 

She hosted workshops on Self Confidence and Goal Setting in face to face settings. As a guest speaker she spoke about overcoming public speaking fears and heightening mental wellness in the workplace. She also appeared twice on FIT AM, a local TV show that focuses on health and wellbeing. She currently writes for The Content Publishing House in Malta about Life as a CEO in today’s current climate.   

Nazlee offers One-to-One coaching as a stand alone or Corporate Coaching for groups. Nazlee is a certified Life Coach with the Academy of Modern Psychology. She undertook her Performance Management training in London, Brussels and Bucharest.

Nazlee’s contact details: 

Email address: nazmayhew1@gmail.com 

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/nazlee-mayhew/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/nazlee.mayhew

Mobile number: +356 7951 6220

Veron Mizzi

Veron Mizzi

Following the completion of her Bachelor of Commerce (Hons) degree, Veron pursued a career within the corporate sector, where she successfully climbed the corporate ladder for fifteen years. Thereafter, withstanding adversity in her personal life, left her feeling vulnerable and lost. This triggered a self-reflective process and she started to rebuild herself by reinstituted her studies at the University of Malta where she graduated with a Bachelor of Psychology (Hons). In the midst the turmoil she found an incredible amount of strength from within, and her perspective started to shift. Since obtaining her bachelor’s degree in psychology, Veron has committed herself to coach, mentor, educate and motivate other individuals elevate themselves out of adverse environments and become the best version of themselves. Vernon has since given up her career in the corporate sector and is currently working in the Human Resources Sector where she uses her skills and combine all her past experiences to help, support and instil confidence in others.

Egle Pranaityte

Egle Pranaityte

Area of Expertise: Creative Arts, Music, Vocal coach.

Egle Pranaityte’s is a professional singer, song writer, vocal coach and performer. Her journey with music is deeply rooted within her musical family household in her hometown of Vilnius, Lithuania.

From a young age, Egle has been involved in a range of vocal ensembles and choirs including the Jazz Island Junior’s, an a cappella group led by Artūras Novikas, famous not only for promoting jazz music, but also for his innovative approach to Lithuanian music. Her experience with Jazz Island sent Egle on various prestigious competitions and festivals around Europe whilst simultaneously completing her studies with the Music Academy of Vilnius.

In 2009 Egle extended her studies at Middlesex University Malta where she joined The Roundhouse Choir in a number of concerts a long side English singer-songwriter and record producer Imogen Heap.

Upon her relocation to Malta, Egle immediately immersed herself in the music scene which also found her forming The Organic Choir Malta, inspired directly from her time studying jazz vocals in Holland and the Dutch Organic Choir with renowned Duth jazz singer Sanna Van Vliet, Merel Martens and Peder Karlsson. The Organic Choir Malta later became a teaching platform in interaction, performance, improvisation and theatre. The choir also opened at the European Capital of Culture Festivities for artist Ida Keralova Jazz Famelija on the island of Gozo.

In 2019 – 2020 Egle directed special focus on the importance of breath technique and body awareness in conjunction with voice and completed the Vocal Leadership Course with Codarts Rotterdam whilst also studying the technique with acclaimed Israeli classical vocalist, Anat Tuvia.

From 2015 – 2020 she was lead vocalist for established band The Ranch, a high-powered, colourful, contemporary and experimental jazz band, touring extensively both locally and throughout Europe performing music from 2 studio albums of which she co-wrote and are still played on local and international radio stations today.

Egle also has experience as a vocal and music theatre coach at Stagecoach and Brit Academy of Malta and is currently teaching with La Voix Studios as well as freelancing via 1 to 1 lesson.


Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/egle.pranaityte

Email: egleplan@gmail.com

phone: +356 9974 1563

Banjo Rancho

Banjo Rancho

Area of Expertise: Performing Arts, Music, Creative Industries

A musician by profession, Benji Cachia, otherwise known as ‘Banjo Rancho’, has been practising and studying music and performance for over 20 years, playing alongside and sharing the stage with some huge artists including, John butler, Plini, Fernando Hernandez (original drummer of queens of the stone age) Gutrie Govan and Delta Sleep!

As a passionate teacher of percussion and music, Benji offers both private one-to-one and group classes to people of all ages and levels. In the past 20 years he has established a strong network of collaborators in the music industry including award winning musician Pete Lockett, named one of the most versatile and prolific percussionists in the world of whom he has initiated and organised rhythm workshops with held in Malta for the more advanced musician. He also plays a significant role as a music assistant with Opening Doors (A performing arts establishment for adults with disabilities) since 2015, supporting those with mental or physical boundaries and challenges to express themselves freely through the language of music.

As leader of The Ranch, a high-powered, colourful, contemporary and experimental jazz band, Benji has toured extensively both locally and throughout Europe performing music from 3 established studio albums he co-wrote and are still played on local and international radio stations today!

Benji has a special interest in Indian classical music (South – Carnatic / North Hindustani) and visited India to study it first-hand alongside some of what are considered to be the most respected and greatest musicians alive in India including, Zakir Hussain, Trilok Gurtu , anindo chatterjee and more.

Being no stranger to organising music events, has hosted weekly jam sessions encouraging beginners to advanced musicians to play together at popular Maltese bar Ta’ Fra Ben for over 10 years. These jam sessions have become a Maltese summer favourite and icon event for many of the musicians on the island of Malta.

For more details on Benji’s work visit:


The Ranch: 


F: https://www.facebook.com/ranchtheranch/

S: https://open.spotify.com/artist/6I2T8…

YT: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCo4kDQSAV8YO6Ns8HeAZ6vA

A: https://music.apple.com/mt/artist/the-ranch/1483512021

I: https://www.instagram.com/ranchtheranch/




http://www.nosnownoalps.com/ https://www.facebook.com/nosnownoalps

Nadia G. Sant

Nadia G. Sant

Area of Expertise: Self Awareness, Self- Love, Long Life Student of Life, Self-Development, Event Producer & Organizer.

Nadia is a Self-Development Event producer, organizer and Speaker whom since 2006 has invested most of her time to develop herself out of the old conditioning (way of thinking) both on a personal level and as a career woman. Being a single mother of three daughters this was not easy however she thought “If I can do this, more women and people can do this and if I want to see a difference, let me start from myself”. By challenging herself de-learning the old way of thinking (doing things)and learning new ways, she has transformed her own life and managed to come together with various established speakers and organizations including the prison to bring forward for the general public, information and events related to Self-Development through radio, television and live events. Recently Nadia has teamed up with Skill Zone and looks forward to creating more awareness about the skills everyone already possesses and ready to develop.


Email: nadia.saar@gmail.com

Mobile: +35699261785

Adrian Xuereb Archer

Adrian Xuereb Archer

Areas of Expertise: Emotional Intelligence, Self-Management, Time Management, Organisation Relations.

Adrian enjoys working towards a world where people love themselves to a point that they focus on building a better humanity. He does this by offering training and mentoring in emotional intelligence and self-management. In his studies, he earned a BSc (Business & Computing) and an MBA (Masters in Business Administration). Currently, he is reading for a Masters in Gestalt Psychotherapy. At work, he occupied business development positions that created, marketed, sold and delivered services in the aviation and digital marketing industries. He started training at 21 and today he lectures management students at diploma, degree and masters levels. In his teens and twenties Adrian suffered from low self-esteem and a great deal of social anxiety, through therapy, courses, mentoring and hours of self-work, he came out feeling happier and stronger. Being born on the 1st of April 1986 is a reminder to keep a sense of humour about him through life and learn how to transform difficulties into a beautiful life. Today he works to help others share that journey.

Website: www.adrianxuerebarcher.com

Vicky Zammit

Vicky Zammit

Area of Expertise: Marketing specialist and consultant in marketing, communications, branding & business strategy for local and international brands based on the Maltese islands.


Vicky Zammit is the founder of Market Matters, a boutique marketing hub offering consultancy services to small and mid -sized companies. Vicky is also the Managing Director and Founder Gifts That Matter – a Corporate Gifting Concierge Service, that offers advertising novelties, corporate gifts and branded merchandise. She is extremely passionate about turning clients into brand advocates and has consulted in the area of training marketing and sales teams for over 5 years. Vicky has developed and delivered training in the areas of sales, customer care, vendor relations, strategic planning, digital strategy and marketing promotions. Moreover, Vicky trains and mentors young adults in preparation of official MATSEC Advanced and Intermediate Level examinations in Marketing Management. Vicky holds a B.A. Hons Bus. Mangt. from the University of Malta and a MA in Integrated Marketing Communications from the University of Malta and Kings College – London. Moreover, she has successfully completed the Professional Post Graduate Diploma in Digital Marketing from the Institute of Digital Marketing – Ireland.